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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Newsline247 Stands For?

Its a social news platform set to educate, empower, inspire youth, community development, educate and train the youths through sponsored programs and schemes

What Does NLP POINTS Means?

NARS is an acronym of NEWSLINE247 Ad Revenue Sharing. As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part of NEWSLINE247
Activities. NLP comprises of active daily login commission + commenting + sharing post-commission (VIRAL SHARE) + creating post

What Is NAS?

NAS stands for Naijaforum Affiliate Program. As an affiliate, you earn 60% per each referral, which is ₦1000. Your referral is the person that joins the program through you by signing up with your referral link. You earn ₦1000 from their entry fee product purchase.

Is Multiple Account Allowed?

No! Multiple account is not allowed.

Can I Use One Email Address To Register More Than One Account?

No. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.

What is Pin Code and  How Can I Get One?

Pin Code is a new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabet in form of code that you need to  purchase from NEWSLINE247 Coupon code distributors and apply on registration page.

How Can I Make Payment And Which Payment Method Is Allowed?

Members make payment to register either using visa, verve mastercard of online banking system via Paystack or Bank transfer, paypal option and purchasing pin code from our distributors.

I Don’t Have A Personal Bank Account, Can I Receive My Pay Through A Third Party Account?

It’s up to you, we will send your share earnings to the bank account you provided in your profile or when making a withdrawal

How Do I Request For Payment, Withdraw or Cash Out My Earning?

Affiliate commissions are paid out in cash withing 24-48 hours when you have earned up to N3,000 and above in your wallet and request for withdrawal.

Is There Any Hiding Fee / Payment?

No, when you activate your NEWSLINE247 account by purchasing a onetime income pack of N1,500, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees.

How Can I Refer People To Earn Commission?

Once you have registered successfully, a unique referral link will automatically be generated for you. On your dashboard menu, click on ” Affiliate / Referral Links. From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

Is It A Must To Refer People Before I Get Paid?


I Referred Someone And My Account Wasn’t Credited With Referral Commission. Why?

This happens when the person you introduced to Naijaforum refuses to use your referral link or referral username.

Your account won’t be credited unless your prospect registers with your referral link, make payment and get approved. Some persons like disregarding the link given to them by going directly to the site without the use of their sponsor’s link. So, it’s advisable to shorten and hide your referral link to avoid loosing referrals unnecessarily. To shorten and hide your link, you can use either goo.gl or bit.ly.

Must I Share Post On Facebook?


Can I Share Other News On My Facebook Timeline After Posting The Normal Sponsored Post?

Yes! feel free but no earning attached to it. We only pay for the assigned sponsored post daily.

How Can I Get My Referral Link?

From your dashboard, click on affiliate/referral link.

Can Someone Outside Nigeria Join NEWSLINE247?

Yes, if you’re outside Nigeria and you want to join, you’re free to join.

How Can I Share Sponsored Post To Earn Commission?

From your dashboard menu, click on “Sponsored Post” then click on the link with the post date that would appear, read instruction on how to share sponsored post.

How Do I Request For Payment?

This is the most simplest part which does not entail any core rule that requires any Member to adhere to. Once your available balance of NARS  = 10,000 NLP – Such Naijaforum Member can request for PAYOUT or your REFERRAL EARNING is a minimum of ₦3,000

NLP – Newsline247 Point

NAS – Newsline247 Affiliate Share


Newsline247 PAYOUTS is processed and completed in the following.

(NARS) Activity Earnings Payment is paid to Members once per month due to our REVENUE which is paid by Google to pay eligible and active Members their NARS Points while Referral Earnings is paid to Members every day.

N.B: Referral Earning is never roll over as it would definitely be paid. If you are eligible, your withdrawal will be recorded for payout and you would get paid directly to your BANK ACCOUNT saved on your profile

Let’s assume you didn’t get paid even after recording your withdrawal as eligible, it means revenue is not enough to pay you which means your payout will then be rolled over to the next month for another cycle of Activity Earnings and you need to make a withdrawal again.

Before you can make a withdrawal, please take note and make sure that;

1. You must have earned enough with the minimum amount of 10,000 NLP earning including referral earning as the case may be.

2. You can only make a withdrawal request once in a week as we payout every day REFERRAL EARNING or Once in a Month – NLP  POINTS. Multiple withdrawal request will be discarded and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated such as abuse and wrong withdrawal details.

3. You need a minimum of ₦3000 Referral Earning (3 active referrals PREMIUM to be able to place a withdrawal request.

4. You must be ready to cash out your earning. So, if you feel your earning is not enough to cash-out, you can always retain it till whenever you are ready.

5. Do not rush to place a withdrawal request by inputting a wrong BANK Information. Newsline247 would not be held and responsible for your carelessness if we sent your PAYOUT to the wrong account information.

  1. Make sure your VIRAL SHARE is up to date and do not miss any VIRAL SHARE daily- VERY IMPORTANT.
  2. Newsline247 would be completely strict about the VIRAL SHARE so that we can pay serious Members who are not lazy, Monthly of their NLP Points.
  3. Make sure your VIRAL SHARE is Shared to Public.
  4. Don’t VIRAL SHARE as Only Me.
  5. Don’t VIRAL SHARE to Friend alone
  6. Make sure your VIRAL SHARE is set to PUBLIC so that we can verify it.
  7. Make sure your VIRAL SHARE is shared on the date it was posted. Don’t go and VIRAL SHARE 30 of our VIRAL Posts in 1 day and say you are eligible to be paid – we won’t pay you because that is fraudulent of such member.
  8. Newsline247 would now pay NLP Points once per month to your Bank. This means you are guaranteed of getting paid to your Bank.

6. Newsline247.com Earners who wishes to place withdrawal request of their NLP Points must fulfill the following:

a. Members who wishes to get PAID of their Newsline247 NLP Points to their BANK Account Every Monthly.

b. All Members who wishes to get PAID of their NPL Points must have participated in Newsline247 Viral Share in their Social Media platforms correctly. Facebook  Viral Share POSTS must be up to date correctly shared to their Facebook platforms and submitted for WITHDRAWAL for review to be eligible for payout monthly




You are Qualified to Withdraw to Bank Using the 2 Methods

10,000 NLP Payments Newsline247 NLP Points for Every Month Payment – CONVERSION Payment and have successfully been consistently VIRAL SHARING our VIRAL SHARE posts to Facebook Timeline as public before you can cash out or withdraw your earning.


₦3000 Newsline247 Referral Earnings  + NLP Earnings for Every  Day Payment   Make sure your Facebook Profile Link is correctly saved to your account. *BEST CHOICE*


7. Withdrawal rules must be followed to make sure everything is well regulated. Else, you may not be attended to until next cycle when you would need to place a new withdrawal request after you have followed our guidelines correctly.

How Is Newsline247 Making Money As Well?

Our products contain a membership package and advertising. We earn money through our custom advertising system and partners. That’s why we call it Newsline247 Points (NLP).